History Exam Questions and Term Sheet Instructions

The history exam will focus on essay questions about the 19th Century based on some of the questions
that we've put together as a class. Here's what to do to prepare for it:

1. Your job will be to write a response to questions from three of the six topics based on the information in this wiki.
You will need to mention and explain at least five terms from the wiki for each of your answers.

2. You are also responsible for teaching a class on one of the six topics that we've been researching.
Create a term sheet that provides information on answering each of your sections' questions using
information from at least five wiki articles. Also create a simple timeline that outlines the sequence
of events we need to understand to answer each question.

The following questions will be on the exam:

Westward Expansion

What obstacles did the US face in its attempts to expand?
How did the U.S. expand the country from one ocean to another?

National Affairs

How did the United States change politically over this time period?
Why was entering the Union a controversial process for some states?


What caused the Civil War?
What controversies contributed to the Civil War?

International Affairs

How did other countries impact the US during this time period?
How did US foreign policy change over the course of the 19th century?
What changes were going on in the world at this time and how did they impact the U.S.?

Invention, Industry, and Technology:

What caused the increase of inventions in the US.?
Why was travel and transportation greatly improved at this time?
How did the U.S grow wealthy so quickly?

Slavery, Immigration, and Social Reform:

Why was there a need for so many African slaves? Who depended on slave labor?
Why did the U.S. population grow so quickly?
What happened to Native Americans as the Americans moved west?
How did Americans try to promote equality for all citizens in the country?