What Do We Want To Know?

Westward Expansion

What happened to Native Americans as the Americans moved west?
How did the U.S. expand the country from one ocean to another?
What happened to Lewis and Clark on their expedition?
Why was the Mexican American War so controversial?
What caused the Mexican American War? What was the result?
How and why did the Louisiana Purchase occur?
How greatly did the Gold Rush influence westward expansion?
Why did Texas want to get away from Mexico?
How did California become a state?
Why isn't Baja California a part of the US?

National Affairs

How did the Constitution work?
How did the government prevent inflation?
How did the government make and decide on currency?
How did the United States change politically?
Who was Davy Crockett?
What happened in Florida at this time?
How did Florida become a State?
Why did Lincoln wear that hat?
Which Presidents from this time period contributed to the US the most?
How did the cowboys start?
Why was entering the Union a controversial process for some states?
How did people react to Andrew Jackson's decisions as president?
Why are there so many presidents that we don't know about?
What was the Whiskey Rebellion?


What caused the Civil War?
What controversies contributed to the Civil War?

International Affairs

How did other countries impact the US during this time period?
How did US foreign policy change over the course of the 19th century?

What caused the War of 1812?
How did the U.S. feel about the French Revolution?
What was going on in American foreign policy in 1795?
What was the Monroe Doctrine and how did it influence American international affairs?
Why did the Irish leave Ireland?
Why were Lewis and Clark sent to explore, and what was the Louisiana Purchase?
What was the Mexican- American War about?
Who was Davy Crockett?
Why did Tripoli declare war after they signed the treaty?
Why were so many immigrants German and Irish?

Invention, Industry, and Technology

Why did industry overcome agriculture?
What caused the increase of inventions in the US.?
Why was travel and transportation greatly improved at this time?
How did the U.S grow wealthy so quickly?
What caused the growth of cities?
What was the cotton gin and how did it affect American cotton farming?
Why did food and other common household things become cheaper during the industrial revolution? (weapons, clothes, etc.)
How did the US decide where to put roads?
How did the California Gold Rush affect American society?
Why was Americas industrial knowledge higher that other countries?

Slavery, Immigration, and Social Reform

Why didn’t we enslave Native Americans? Why only Africans?
Why was there a need for so many African slaves?
Why did so many groups immigrate to the U.S.?
Why did the U.S. population grow so quickly?
Why did so many immigrants come from Ireland and Germany?
Why did the slave population grow so quickly?
Why did the South rely on slavery so much?
What was the immigration process?
Why did Andrew Jackson and white southerners want to remove Indians from the east coast?
Which states were slave states?
Did the Underground Railroad help start the Civil War?
How did they create the Underground Railroad?
Why did more people start to move their lives to the city rather than the country?
What were the Native American issues?
Why did slavery grow at such a significant rate at this time?
Why were relations between the Native Americans and the United States government tense, and what was the Indian Removal Act?
How did so many people travel to America at once?
What was the Dred Scott Decision?
What was the Trail of Tears?
What made white people think black people were not as "valuable"?